About Us

We are the family behind Unwrap the Map.

.A little about us…

Jamie and I met in 2016, and it was not long until we both discovered our love for travelling. At the time I was a poor medical student, and Jamie was an apprentice. However, with cheap flights and endless searching for good hotel deals, we took our first trip together to Basel. This ignited a passion for travel, which took us on student budget friendly trips around Europe. 

Fast forward 4 years and things had significantly changed. I graduated medical school and worked as a Doctor, and Jamie finished his apprenticeship and worked in London.  


Fast forward again to today, and we are now married, both still working full time jobs, but best of all, we now have our first baby! Becoming parents has been a massive adjustment, but it is also an amazing opportunity. We now have someone else who we can share our love for travel with, and we can’t wait to explore the world with her.