12 Best Snacks at Disneyland Paris

By Scarlett Shepherd

Disneyland Paris is one of the happiest places on earth, but one way to make the happiest place even happier, is with SNACKS!!!

During a trip to Disneyland Paris in July 2023, we did our best to try as many snacks as possible.

In this post we have ranked and reviewed some of the best snacks at Disneyland Paris.

1 – Ice Cream Creations by Magnum


Our favourite snack of the whole trip was the ice cream creations by Magnum. This made in front of you snack is a must have! There were four options to choose from which were: race track treat, snowflake bliss, cowboy crunch or there was a special option available too which was Minnie Mouse. We opted for Minnie Mouse, and it was simply AMAZING.

There is only one place that this can be found, and that is in a food truck in the production courtyard of Walt Disney Studio’s.

Once you have decided on your ice-cream, you can watch them work their magic!

A magnum ice cream was taken and then dipped in a pot of chocolate. Then the toppings for your chosen ice cream were added on both sides, and LOADS of toppings were added. Then to top it all off, a little magnum logo chocolate is placed on, along with another decoration which matches the team of your ice cream.

Biting into this ice cream was amazing. The chocolate was very thick, and there was loads of toppings as they were on the front and back. This all complimented the thick creamy magnum ice cream perfectly.

This was absolutely the best ice cream I have ever had!

Price – €6

2 – March Hare Ice Cream


A close second in the ice cream competition was the March and Hare.

This ice cream can only be found in Fantasyland in the Disneyland Park.

Here there was the option of three different ice creams, including: Ace of Hearts, Won’ Door’ Land and The Unbirthday.

The Ace of Hearts is vanilla ice cream with small red hearts and a chocolate ace of heart decoration in a waffle cone.

The Won’ Door Land is vanilla ice cream with 2 decent bits of brownie and caramelised hazelnut slivers with a chocolate decoration on top in a waffle bowl. This was the ice cream that I got, and I loved it!

And the Unbirthday is vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce and popcorn with a chocolate hat decoration on top, in a waffle cone.

These ice creams all cost €5 each, but out of all the snacks I felt that this was the best value for money. The ice cream was of a very good size and came with LOADS of ice cream, and if you had 2 young children, then you could easily split it between them.

There was always a que to get this ice cream every time we walked past, but it moves quickly, and I think we waited about 10 mins in the line.

Price – €5


3 – Cheesecake Pop


The cheesecake pop was one of the snacks I was most looking forward to, and it did not disappoint.

The cheesecake was soft, rich and creamy. It has been placed on a stick and then dipped in chocolate.

This snack was definitely a little messy once you bit into it, as some of the choclate and cheesecake fell off. Just make sure to keep the little plate they give you close by so that you can catch any crumbs that may try to escape you.

My only slight disappointment with this snack, was that on the pictures it looked like the chocolate on the outside was purple for the 30th anniversary. However, the outside was a normal milk chocolate colour on mine.

Price – €4.50

4 – Disney Macaroons


No trip to Paris would be complete without a traditional French snack, and the Disney macaroons are as good as macaroons get.

There are six flavours to choose from, including: vanilla, chocolate spread, raspberry, chocolate and passion fruit, salted butter caramel, and lemon. All the flavours were delicious, but our favourite was the raspberry.

Along with the delicious flavours, there macaroons are beautifully decorated and have the perfect texture.

We opted for the 6 for €11 deal so that we could try all the flavours, and it did not disappoint.

Price – €2.20 each or 6 for €11

5 – Mickey Marshmallow


This was a great Mickey themed snack that everyone will enjoy.

The Mickey marshmallow was 2 layered, with one pink layer and one white layer of marshmallow. The ears are then covered in a thin layer of chocolate.

Although this snack will not fill you up, it is a tasty sweet treat that will look great on your Instagram.

Price – €2.60

6 – French Fries


These French fries were the snack I was most surprised by.

They were bought from the vegan food truck in Hollywood Studios Park.

Personally, I would not have gone to a vegan food truck, but my sister convinced me that these fries were going to be good, and she was right.

These fries were perfectly cooked, being crispy on the outside and flyffy in the centre, with a great flavour and not too greasy.

I was even more sceptical when it came to the sauce options, as these were all vegan too.

I love tomato ketchup with my fries, so I tried some of the vegan ketchup and was pleasantly surprised. The sauce was rich in flavour, and complemented the fries perfectly!

To all the vegan food lovers and the vegan food sceptics out there, I would highly recommend these fries.

Price – €5

7 – Mickey Beignet


This was the very first snack that I had when I entered the park on the first day.

The Beignet was of a doughnut consistency with a chocolate spread in the middle.

This snack was pretty big and will easily fill you up if you are a bit peckish.

I am a big doughnut fan, so I loved this treat. However, for the size and price of it I expected there to be chocolate spread all throughout the beignet. However, there was no chocolate to be found in the ears, and it was only in the main Micky face part. That was my only criticism of this snack, because if there was chocolate spread all throughout, then I think this would have ranked top of my list.

Price – €4.50

8 – Mickey Ice Cream


The Mickey ice cream was a nice treat, and it will always be a winner with the kids. The vanilla ice cream in the middle was creamy, but the chocolate on the outside was a bit thin.

For the price of €4.50, we felt that this treat was a little over priced for what you get, as the ice cream seemed a bit small. We feel that for the extra 50 cents, the ice cream from March Hare was much better value for money.

However, this ice cream was still very tasty, and perfect on a hot day.

Price – €4.50

9 – Minnie Mouse Cake Pop with Marshmallow Ears


There is more to this treat than what you think. Although this snack may look small on the outside, due to it being dense, there is a lot of cake in a small area on the inside.

This cake pop was nice, however, I have eaten many of my Mum’s homemade cake pops, and this one was just not as good as what she makes. (I think I may be a but bias though).

However, this snack is still great. There is loads of rich chocolate cake, which has been dipped in chocolate and topped off with marshmallow ears. This snack will fill you up if you are feeling a bit peckish.

This treat looked AMAZING but could have been made a bit better if the cake was just a little more moist.

Price – €5

10 – Fudge


This fudge can be bought from Main Street and there are loads of flavours to choose from. We opted for peanut butter chocolate flavour and we would definitely get this again.

The fudge was a little firm on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside.

If you like fudge, then you will love this classic treat.

Price – €3.50

11 – Chocolate Covered Strawberries


The chocolate strawberries were bought from a food truck in the Disney Village.

Unfortunately, all the chocolate covered strawberries were pre made and stored in a fridge. Therefore, as soon as you buy this snack it comes very cold. We felt that with the strawberries being so cold this made them loose some of their flavour, and they were also a little more watery as opposed to sweet.

However, once the strawberries and chocolate had warmed up a bit, then this treat turned great, and the flavour really started to come out.

So, for this snack, although it may be difficult, don’t be too keen to dig in straight away. Let the strawberries warm up a bit, as this will make the treat much better.

Price – €5

12 – Groot Shortbread Cookie

Unfortunately for me this snack was the biggest let down. I am a massive marvel fan and love Guardians of the Galaxy, so when I saw that there was a Groot cookie, I just had to try it.

The cookie was two layers of biscuit with chocolate spread in the middle.

Unfortunately, even with the spread in the middle the treat was just a bit too dry, and the flavour of the biscuit was not that classic buttery taste like you would expect with a shortbread.

This snack looked great, and it was of a decent size. I also loved the theme of the cookie; it was just a shame that it lacked a little in flavour.

Price – €3.50

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