9 Baby Travel Essentials for Disneyland Paris

By Scarlett Shepherd

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Every trip to Disneyland Paris is magical, and taking your baby on their first visit to the happiest place on Earth is an experience which you will forever treasure. However, travelling with a baby can at times be stressful.

We took our baby on her first trip to Disneyland Paris when she was around 6 months old. It was amazing taking her there at this age, as she was mesmerised by all the characters and rides. Overall, we had a great trip, and I would recommend taking any baby to Disneyland Paris.

However, there were some things that made our trip go even smoother, and below we have highlighted some of the things that we would definitely be packing again.

Travel Bottle Warmer

We have an Inoby travel bottle warmer which we always pack for every holiday, trip or outing. This bottle warmer is compact, easy to use, easy to clean, and has a good battery life.

This is definitely one item that we would not have survived without! Especially as our baby will only drink warm milk.

Unfortunately, there was no kettle in our hotel room, and when you are out at the parks, it can be a difficult task to find hot water instantly when you need it. This made having the Inbox bottle warmer essential.

We used this bottle warmer to heat all the milk during our trip, and it performed brilliantly.

The battery life would last all day, and it would heat the milk to the required temperature in around 10 minutes. It was also easy to carry around in our baby bag as it is small and compact.

This item is a MUST HAVE!

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a must have essential for all trips to Disneyland Paris with a baby.

Unfortunately, all the queues for the rides and characters require you to park your pram / stroller in the stroller parking area prior to getting in the line.

This means that you have to carry your baby for the duration of the queue.

Having a good comfortable baby carrier for yourself and your baby is vital.

We have an Ergobaby carrier, and the quality is very good. It is also comfortable with back support, and our baby seemed to find it comfortable too.

The carrier has multiple points of adjustment so that you can get the right fit, and it made waiting in lines with a baby much more manageable.

Travel UV Steriliser

As our baby was around 6 months old, we needed to ensure that all her bottles were sterilised.

At home we use a microwave steam steriliser, but this was not possible to bring, as there was no microwave in the room.

We therefore bought the Nubby Portable UV steriliser.

The unit is small and looks like a grey bag. It is easy to carry and very light.

The space inside is okay. We could fit one bottle, teat and cap unscrewed next to each other in the steriliser at a time. This meant we had to use it several times to get all the bottles sterilised, however this would not take long because each cycle was only 3 minutes.

The unit runs off a battery, so we could sterilise anywhere at any time, and we would get many cycles from one full charge of the battery.


Going to Disneyland Paris during late June early July, we found the weather to be very hot and sunny.

We would always apply plenty of sun cream to our baby, but she does not like to sit in the sun or bright light for too long.

This sunshade was perfect for getting her out of the bright baking sun!

It fit over the hood of the pram and clipped onto the handles. It would create good shade underneath, but as it was a little open at the sides, it allowed air to flow through without letting the sun through.

There was also a netted area with a flap over the top which we would roll up to let our baby see out, or we would peak underneath the flap to check on her if she was napping.

We also had a few small episodes of rain, and although the sunshade was not designed to be a rain cover, it also did a good job of keeping the rain off our baby too.

Also, for when you are finished with the sunshade, or packing it away to travel, it packs away very small and fits into its own small bag.

Pram Fan

With the weather being so hot, a fan was essential.

The FDGH stroller fan was very good, and we would highly recommend it.

The fan is re-chargeable, has 3 speed settings and a timer function.

The battery life is very good. We would keep the fan on the medium setting for several hours per day, and then re-charge it during the evening, and we never run out of charge.

The power of the fan is also very good. We would use the middle setting and put the fan far away from our baby at the handles of the pram, so that she could not reach it, and there would still be a good amount of airflow around her.

The fan also has bendable tripod legs, so that you can secure it in any position on almost anything. It secured onto the pram handlebars very well.

The bonus with this fan is that it is also a power bank, so if your phone run out of charge, then you can re-charge it from the fan.

Travel Changing Mat

Children always seem to have the ability to make a dirty nappy at the most inconvenient times, and it is guaranteed that any child in nappies will need to be changed at some point when you are in the parks.

There are lots of baby changing areas around the parks, often with baby changing tables.

Although the cast members did their best to keep these clean, it would not always be guaranteed, especially with the high volume of guests. Therefore, a portable changing mat is useful to place on the baby changing table and then put your baby on top of this.

We also kept a pack of antibacterial wipes in our baby changing bag, so that we could wipe the changing mat over prior to putting it away.

Travel Cot

We always travel with our Maxi-Cosi swift travel cot.

We find it is always better to travel with our own travel cot, as it gives our baby somewhere familiar to sleep when travelling, and we also know it is comfortable for her and of good quality.

When we arrived at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, there was a travel cot in the room, however, it was not the best quality.

When choosing which travel cot to purchase, we opted to buy a slightly more expensive one, and it was definitely worth the additional cost.

Our Maxi- Cosi travel cot has been on lots of trips and there is no damage to it, despite being in several plane holds.

It also has a decent mattress for a travel cot, which wraps around the frame to protect in during travel.

The cot weighs around 7kg, and we have never had any issues checking it in at the airport.

The cot is of a good size when it is up, and it pops up with little effort. It can be put up in under 1 minute.

Putting it away is also super easy and simple, as you just lift the tag in the middle, and then wrap the mattress around. It then slides into the bag easy. The maximum time it takes to put away is no more than 2 minutes.

Lay Flat Pram

Babies tend to sleep a lot, especially at 6 months, and our baby loves her naps.

We therefore wanted her to be comfortable and get a good nap when she wanted to.

We took our normal everyday pram with us to Disneyland Paris, which is the Mamas and Papas Ocarro Pram. We took this as it is comfortable for her, and she is also able to lay flat in it.

This was crucial for our baby, as she will only sleep when she is laying down, and this in combination with the sunshade, which made it darker in the pram, she was able to get some good naps.

Pram Toys

A lot of time is spent walking around the parks, and sometimes we found that our baby would spend a bit of time in her pram getting bored.

We therefore got some toys for the bar on the pram, and some hanging toys that dangled down from the hood.

These toys would keep her occupied for a long time, especially if we were waiting for someone to go on a ride she was not able to go on.

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