5 Amazing Disney Themed Restaurants at Disneyland Paris

By Scarlett Shepherd

During a trip to Disneyland Paris, we tried out five different Disney themed restaurants throughout the parks and hotels.

When booking our trip we added on the standard half board meal plan, and all the restaurants that we ate at were included in the meal plan.

Prior to our trip we also pre-booked all the restaurants around 3 months prior to our holiday.

Below we have outlined what we thought about each restaurant.

Bistrot Chez Remy

Bistrot Chez Remy is located in Worlds of Pixar at Walt Disney Studios Park. It was also our FAVOURITE restaurant.

The restaurant is based on the Ratatouille movie, and Disney has done a great job with the theming. Walking into this restaurant feels like you are walking into the Ratatouille movie from the perspective of the rat. Everything is oversized, from the huge plates and bottle cap chairs to the massive fairy lights that hang from the ceiling. The décor in there is simply amazing!

The food here was also very good.

All included within the meal plan was the Emile Menu, which included a starter, main, dessert and drink.

For starter I had the duck with thyme flower and pistachio pate en croute with fig jam. This was a lovely starter with lots of flavour.

For Main I opted for the grilled steak with ratatouille, French fries and sauce. This steak was perfect, it was soft, cooked to how I requested it, and the fries were crispy with a soft centre. This steak was better than the steak at Silver Spur Steakhouse. The ratatouille was also flavourful and tasty. I would highly recommend this option.

Lastly for dessert I had the chocolate lava cake with choc-milk caramel centre and custard. This was rich and creamy, perfect for any chocolate lover.

This restaurant is a must visit, however it does get booked up very quickly, so make sure to pre-book this restaurant as soon as you can. We pre-booked around 3 months in advance, and there was only a few reservations left.

Manhattan Restaurant

The Manhattan is a restaurant located outside of the Disney Parks, but it is very close by in the Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. It is very easy to get to, and just a couple of minute’s walk from the entrance of the parks.

This restaurant was simply beautiful. The styling was elegant and classy, with a light touch of  marvel theming in the form of an Asgard chandelier.

The food at the Manhattan Restaurant was by far the most superior. The food tasted fresh, and of a very high quality, all with an Italian flair to the menu.

Here with the meal plan we was able to pick a starter, main, dessert and drink from the Greenwich Village Menu.

The meal started off with some bread rolls and olive oil.

Then for starter I had the parma ham, fruit mustard and tigelle (moderna-style flatbread). This starter was delicious, the ham was fresh, flavourful and plentiful, it also went well with the bread it was served with. I am not sure what the fruit mustard was, because the fruit that came in the little bowl seemed more like candied orange to me, which was also delicious.

For main I had the farmhouse chicken saltimbocca with parma ham, oyster mushrooms, fried and breaded polenta and sage jus. This dish was wonderful! The chicken was moist and well seasoned, but the star of the show was the breaded polenta, this was perfectly crispy on the outside without being greasy. I have never had polenta before, but it was perfect.

Desert consisted of Sicilian cannolo with buffalo ricotta and candied fruit, chocolate and pistachio praline cream. This desert was beautifully presented. The cannolo was crisp with a soft cream centre. The chocolate and fruit it was served with complemented it perfectly.

We would highly recommend the Manhattan Restaurant due to its superior food.

Silver Spur Steakhouse

Silver Spur Steakhouse is located in Frontierland at the Disneyland Park.

The theming of Silver Spur Steakhouse is good, and it feels like you are sitting in a western saloon, but the theming did not feel unique to Disney. However, if you are a fan of steak and BBQ food, then Silver Spur is a great choice.

The meal plan at Silver Spur allowed us to choose a starter, main, desert and drink from the Menu Sheriff.

For starter I had the cowboy platter. This consisted of pulled pork quesadillas, chicken wing, cheese-stuffed jalapenos, onion rings, goat’s cheese stuffed peppers, guacamole and Doritos. I loved this starter. There was great variety, and overall, the portion size for a starter was massive.

For main I opted for the flame grilled scotch sirloin steak with smoky peppercorn sauce, grilled corn, herby roast potatoes and mangetout with red onion. This meal was flavourful, however, I do feel that the steak could have been better, especially for a restaurant that brands itself as a steak house. I personally found my steak here to be a bit tough and chewy, and I felt that the steak from Bistro Chez Remy was better.

For dessert I had the cowboys treat which was a vanilla flavoured sundae, crunchy brownie and caramel sauce. Again, the portion size for this desert was VERY good. This dessert was very filling, as there was a lot of brownie in the sundae.

Our meal at Silver Spur Steakhouse was nice, and the portion sizes were very good. However, the steak could have been a little better.

Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates

Captain Jack’s is located in Adventureland at the Disneyland Park.

The theming at Captain Jack’s was some of the best, and was on par with Bistro Chez Remy. Walking into Captain Jack’s Restaurant des Pirates feels like you are stepping back in time to a dark lit tavern on the shores of the Caribbean, which is frequented by pirates. There are oars, nets, trees, and lots of wood throughout the restaurant. However, best of all was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which runs along the bottom of the restaurant. We were a little concerned that having the ride open within the restaurant would make it too loud, but this was not the case, and it just added to the ambiance and theming.

Captain Jacks at Disneyland Paris

The food at Captain Jack’s was Caribbean inspired, and with the meal plan you could choose a starter, main, desert and drink from the pirate’s treasure menu.

For starter I had the chopped smoked chicken with green papaya and pickled vegetables. This starter was delicious, however, it was not what I was expecting. The dish was like a chicken salad, which from the description I was not anticipating. Nevertheless, it was a good starter.

For main I opted for the Caribbean chicken and prawns with the captain’s rice. This main was very good, the chicken was soft and tender and there was loads of flavour.

For dessert I had the shortbread, roasted pineapple and bourbon-vanilla whipped cream. This dessert was not to my personal liking, but if you are a fan of strong pineapple flavour then you will like this. The shortbread and cream were both very nice on this dessert, it was just the way the pineapples had been prepared that I did not like the flavour of.

If you want an immersive dining experience or you love Caribbean food, then you will like Captain Jack’s.

PYM Kitchen

PYM Kitchen is located in Avengers Campus at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

This restaurant is a buffet, and with a Disney meal plan you can have the buffet and one soft drink.

When you walk into PYM Kitchen it feels like you are stepping into a laboratory. The restaurant is clean and sleek looking, with a good use of lights for effect.

The idea behind this restaurant was good, with it having an ant-man theme. This theming was applied to the food, with the food on offer either being massive or tiny.

Once we had checked in, we were shown to our table, and we were given a massive pretzel. The pretzel was soft, fresh and salty.

Large pretzel at disneyland paris PYM kitchen

Once we were ready, we made our way over to the buffet, where we could choose from massive or tiny burgers, large and small hot dogs, oversized pasta, tiny cakes, ribs, chicken, and much more.

There were lots of cast members behind the buffet and happy to help you by mixing up some pasta or cutting you a slice off the massive burger or hot dog.

The buffet had a great selection of savoury foods and sweet deserts.

We also tried a few of the specialty signature drinks that they offer. I tried the small scale red beers, which was a flight of four different red beers. This beer flight was good, with the beers having a fruity flavour. I also got to keep a souvenir from this drink in the form of the four cups and the ruler it was served on.

We also tried the blue spritz and goji berries cocktail. This cocktail was AMAZING, I don’t like wine, but this blue chardonnay was very nice when mixed with the white vermouth, sparking water and goji berries. It was also served in a lab beaker which added a nice touch.

In addition, we also tried the particles mocktail and red fruit serum. This mocktail was great fun, we got two beakers, one small one with a ticker red fruit, and another with a blue sparking drink. We then mixed the two together and it makes this purple drink. The mocktail was a bit sweet, but it was probably the best drink out of the three which we ordered.

Overall, we had a great meal at PYM Kitchen, and it is a great option if you are hungry, as you can eat as much as you want. However, we did feel that the quality of the food here was not as good as the table service restaurants.

Gluten Free at Disneyland Paris

During this trip to Disneyland Paris, my sister was with us who is gluten intolerant. All of the restaurants that we went to were all very good when we explained that she is gluten-free. Often the cast members would know which options on the menu would be suitable, or if any dish could be slightly altered to make it gluten free. They also bought out gluten free bread and rolls if needed. At PMY Kitchen ensuring the food is allergen free is more difficult due to it being a buffet, but the cast members were happy to go around and highlight which dishes are suitable.

Dining with a Baby or Children

All of the restaurants that we visited were very child friendly. We were asked at each restaurant if we would require a highchair, however, as our baby was reluctant to wean at that time, we tended to park her pram next to the table so that she could drink her milk and then have her evening nap. There was always plenty of space for the pram, and the cast members would find us a suitable table to do this.

When dining at most of these restaurants, there was often a child’s menu available with more child friendly options. Also, if you had the meal plan, then you could purchase this for children over 3. For children under 3, you could always buy them something off the menu, or let them have some food from what you order.


We would highly recommend dining at these restaurants at the Disney parks. The theming of the restaurants was AMAZING and unique at Bistro Chez Remy, Captain Jack’s and PYM Kitchen. Along with all the food being of a good high quality, especially the Manhattan Restaurant.

Dining on site at Disneyland Paris is more convenient, but the theming of the restaurants and the good quality of the food made the holiday extra special.

Having the meal plan was brilliant, and we felt that it saved us a lot of money, and also made the dining experience easier to navigate.

We tended to dine at these restaurants for dinner, as we ate breakfast at La Cantina at Hotel Santa Fe, as this is the hotel we were staying at. Then we would get some Disney themed snacks throughout the day between breakfast and dinner. 

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